2022 Presentations

‘The Report and the Record’ – Documenting Survivor Testimony and Archival Memory - Barry Houlihan (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Poetry as Commemoration: Building unique collections through strategic collaboration - Evelyn Flanagan & Ursula Byrne (University College Dublin)

Necessity is the mother of invention – moving to online events - Elaine Bean (Maynooth University)

Danger is Everywhere! Planning for and overcoming future disasters in academic libraries - Emma Goode (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Video Training: New Ways of Retaining Institutional Knowledge - Judyta Szacillo & Ivona Coghlan (Queens University Belfast)

Teaching Primary Source Literacy in a blended learning environment - Evelyn Flanagan (University College Dublin)

UDL and Online Library Instruction: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment - Kathyrn Briggs (Atlantic Technological University, Galway-Mayo)

DCU’s Assignment Planner: a tool to support students in planning, researching and writing for assignments - Lisa Callaghan & Alex Kouker (Dublin City University)

Are we the heart of inclusion, diversity and equality? Eliminating exclusion by embracing lived experience - Elaine Chapman & Sarah-Anne Kennedy (Technological University Dublin)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Informing Library Services at Maynooth University - Michaela Hollywood (Maynooth University)

Considering creators, context, and communities: implementing ethical cataloguing guidelines in UCD Digital Library - Orna Roche (University College Dublin)

Period Poverty Initiative in UCD Library - Vanessa Buckley (University College Dublin)

Supporting grant applications with tailored training and consultancy about Research Data Management and Open Research - Armin Straube (University of Limerick)

Shifting the Scholarly Landscape: The Case Study of a Successful, Independent, Library-Published Journal - Christopher Hollister (University at Buffalo)

Digital Scholarship Network Ireland - Cillian Joy (NUIG) Arlene Healy (TCD), Eoin Kilfeather (NLI)

Sustainability and the Green Library: Strategies for the climate crisis - Stuart Hunt (University of Reading)

Key External Influences Shaping the Future for Academic Libraries - John Cox (National University of Ireland, Galway)

How UCD Library are using curation to improve collections and library spaces - Aoife O’Brien (University College Dublin)

Planning in a Time of Covid: mergers, moves, change management and a pandemic - Catherine Cooke & Sarah-Anne Kennedy (Technological University Dublin)

Automated reclassification – is it possible? - Catherine Ryan (University College Dublin)

Open access for the Earth Sciences, a local read and publish agreement for UCD Library - Laura Zaliene and Julia Christopher

‘Informative, but Also Has a Sense of Fun,’ Why We Strategically Use Humour on Our Library Social Media to Inform and Engage - Molly Twomey (University College Cork)

Peers prove perfect partners: Student Peer Advisors at the University of Limerick - Jesse Waters (University of Limerick)

Divide and Re-Tool: Curating video instruction to meet future information skills needs - Niall O’Brien (RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences)

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Work Teams - Peter Reilly (University of Limerick)

DMP online at UCD - Jenny O’Neill, (University College Dublin)

Riding two horses: the successes, the challenges and the future of IReL’s transformative open access agreements - Jack Hyland (IReL Maynooth University)

OER in the Future Library? NUI Galway Library’s Open Press Pilot Project - Kristopher Meen, Hardy Schwamm, Cillian Joy, Eileen Kennedy (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Unlocking the Fagel Collection: From 1802 to 2022 and beyond - Ann-Marie Hansen & Joe Nankivell (Trinity College Dublin)

Livin’ In The Future – The National Library of Ireland’s Web Archive -Maria Ryan (National Library of Ireland)

Cataloguing the “troubles” - Ruth O’Hara (Maynooth University)

The Digital Learning Librarian role at UCD Library: a case study in social interoperability - Marta Bustillo (University College Dublin)

New Frontiers of Digital Access: The development and delivery of Virtual Reading Rooms and Virtual Teaching Spaces amongst collection-holding institutions - Matthew Greenhall & Christina Kamposiori (Research Libraries UK)

Taking a lead on digital literacy for students; a case study from UL - Michelle Breen, Jesse Waters, Louise O’Shea, Peter Reilly & Micheal O hAodha (University of Limerick)

The (Library) Carpenters - we've only just begun - Sinead Keogh (UL), David Kane (WIT), Assumpta Byrne (TUS Midlands), Ken Lacey (TU Dublin), Liam O’Dwyer (DCU), Jean Murphy (RCSI), Armin Straube (UL) The (Library) Carpenters – we’ve only just begun

RCSI Repository: Implementing and integrating a Figshare-powered institutional repository - Andrew Simpson & Claire Turner

‘Establishing the Innopharma Education library’ - Colm O’Connor (Innopharma Education)

Digital copyright trends: implications for collections and services - David Meehan (Dublin City University)

Streamlining Metadata Supply for ALL - Heather Sherman (BDS)

Launched into the Digital Age: Content Creation at Maynooth University Special Collections - David Rinehart

What we learned - Dr. Melissa Highton (Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services, University of Edinburgh)

The newly urgent future for libraries: A view from MIT - Chris Bourg (Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Towards a CONUL Collective Collection - Christoph Schmidt Supprian (Trinity College Dublin) & Julia Christopher (University College Dublin)