Conference App

The Conul Conference App is now available for download.

The best way to access this app is through the email sent to your listed email address.

Please note, once the code has been entered for access, you must still login with your PIN to unlock most functions of the app. The app is named ‘The Event App’ on App stores.

The conference app has many useful functions:

  • You can find a list of delegates who have chosen to share their information in the delegate list
  • View a list of speakers and access their abstracts in the speaker search
  • View the abstracts in the resource gallery
  • View the Agenda under the Agenda tab and tap the star icon to add them to the ‘My Agenda’ tab
  • Answer questions in the sponsor quiz in the ‘Win Points’ tab
  • Post on the event wall in the Eventstream tab

We also strongly encourage you to read the sponsor literature available on the app inside the book icon as there are many interesting and useful products and services on offer.