CONUL Goes Green

In consideration of the climate emergency facing the world, and in keeping with the theme of this year’s conference the 2023 CONUL Conference will be staying green.

The conference committee are seeking to minimise the environmental impact of our conference through:

  • biodegradable lanyards
  • recyclable and non-plastic name tags
  • a conference app instead of a printed programme

We encourage all delegates to take public transport or car-share on their journey to the conference to minimise the carbon footprint of the conference.

We would also like to encourage all sponsors to take the ‘CONUL Goes Green’ theme into account in considering the merchandising they bring to the conference.  For example please consider branded keep-cups or water bottles, that will help our delegates continue to have a positive impact on the environment, and to remember your company’s name, long after the conference has concluded.  Sponsors could also consider minimising the amount of printed material distributed to delegates by making use of QR codes to link delegates to online information about their products.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact