Making the Switch: Moving from deployed to hosted EZproxy (Parallel Paper)

24th May 202312:50Harbour Suite 5



In 2022 Maynooth University (MU) Library changed from ‘deployed’ locally hosted to cloud hosted EZproxy. In addition the Library implemented EZproxy Analytics as an add on to hosted EZproxy.

EZproxy is an authentication service provided by OCLC.  Before the changeover, Maynooth University Library users authenticated via IP on campus and via ‘deployed’ locally hosted EZproxy when off-campus.

Reasons for implementing hosted EZproxy

EZproxy server and operating system at end of life

Recommended server be decommissioned

Managing the service locally time consuming

How does this project fit in with the theme?

This project relates to the theme of economic sustainability as it aligns to the MU Library Strategic Plan (2020-2023) goal to “harness digital capacity and innovation to create efficiencies…”. The pandemic highlighted the importance of cybersecurity and access to electronic resources. An implementation fee and a reasonable annual subscription enabled the Library to provide secure, seamless access to electronic resources and services both on and off campus.

Benefits of Hosted

Server no longer managed locally

OCLC Service Desk 24-hour response rate

Resources updated promptly 

Enhanced security

Analytics data supports the financial sustainability decision-making around electronic resources

Who is the Presentation for?

It would be of value to organisations considering or in the process of changing their authentication method

Organisations who are interested in the value of the insights provided by EZproxy Analytics

What the Presentation will cover

Project timeline

Who should be involved in the project


Technical aspects of the project

Best practices

Reality versus expectations of the project

What did we learn from the project?

Impact on user queries