Sustainable Literacy Guide from the Glucksman Library at UL (Show & Tell)

25th May 202310:55Harbour Suite 4


The Glucksman Library at UL has over 40 LibGuides, some are subject-focused, some are thematic. In our experience, the most heavily used LibGuides are those that have a direct link to student academic skills e.g. Academic Referencing and Thesis Preparation. In 2023, working with the University’s Sustainable Future and Innovation team, the library created a Sustainability Literacy LibGuide. Co-created with academic input, this guide and its content is available to lecturers who wish to use it in their teaching and as a stand-alone resource for students who need to learn some of the sources and theory relating to areas like climate, the circular economy, food production and biodiversity. The guide highlights the library collections that support learning teaching and research in these areas and equips students with the critical information appraisal skills to determine what are credible sources in areas that can be prone to ‘misinformation’. The Springshare product LibGuides allows the guide to be shared internationally on an Open Access basis and also allows the guide or elements within it to be embedded in Learning Management Systems, in UL’s case in BrightSpace.

Supporting both the theme of the 2023 CONUL conference and the Government’s published strategy on Sustainable Development, this guide from UL is an example of what libraries can do to actively support sustainability in an educational context.