UCC Library – maintaining momentum (Parallel Paper)

24th May 202312:30Tivoli Suite


UCC Library began its sustainability initiative in 2016. Since then, it has implemented an award-winning sustainability campaign. Through its ‘Love our Library’ campaign UCC Library succeeded in reducing its energy and water consumption, increased recycling rates and reduced waste. It has made strides in sustainable transport and active travel. UCC Library has been a lever for change within the UCC community and has been the model for sustainability initiatives within UCC.

UCC library is advancing its sustainability goals by refocusing its sustainability campaign with new initiatives. Changes taking place within the wider UCC community mean that the library can now switch its focus, from some if the immediate issues, to more long-term goals. In a post lockdown world, new challenges have arisen, air quality within the library building has become an issue in a transmission cautious world, with increased air flow come increased heating costs. Other pressures within society have increased pressures on the library infrastructure and the wider University community.

This presentation will outline the steps UCC library took to achieve its initial successes and the lessons learned along the way. It will discuss the post pandemic environment and how UCC Library intends to refocus its campaign to maintain momentum and develop a culture of sustainability within the library community.