Programme 2022

Wed 25 May 2022

Thurs 26 May 2022


9:00am – 10:45am REGISTRATION, Hotel Foyer

REFRESHMENTS/SPONSOR EXHIBITION, (Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area)

10:45-11:50am Shannon Suite 2 & 3

WELCOME: Monica Crump (NUIG), Chair of the CONUL Conference Committee and Sandra Collins, Chair of CONUL

KEYNOTE: Chris Bourg (Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
The newly urgent future for libraries: A view from MIT

Chair: Sandra Collins, Chair of CONUL

Shannon Suite 2 & 3:
Planning in changing times
Chair: Ronán Kennedy
O’Brien & Wogan Suite:
New Partnerships for libraries (Community, Heritage, internal partnerships)
Chair: Hugh Murphy
Harris Suite:
Technology and innovation in libraries
Chair: Gobnait O’Riordan
Judyta Szacillo & Ivona Coghlan (Queens University Belfast)
Video Training: New Ways of Retaining Institutional Knowledge

Emma Goode (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Danger is Everywhere! Planning for and overcoming future disasters in academic libraries

Elaine Bean (Maynooth University)
Necessity is the mother of invention – moving to online events

Evelyn Flanagan & Ursula Byrne (University College Dublin)
Poetry as Commemoration: Building unique collections through strategic collaboration

Barry Houlihan (National University of Ireland, Galway)
‘The Report and the Record’ – Documenting Survivor Testimony and Archival Memory

Sinead Hanrahan, Michael Costello, Adrian Vaughan, Rosarie Dineen, Finbarr O’Donovan, Colm O’Rourke, Dylan Power, Chloe Crowley, Anna McCarthy, Aaron McCarthy, Isobel Kavanagh & Thérèse Ahern
(Munster Technological University)
Information Literacy through Collaboration: The Making of the Assignment Toolkit

David Rinehart (Maynooth University)
Launched into the Digital Age: Content Creation at Maynooth University Special Collections

Killian Downing & Liam O’Dwyer (Dublin City University)
The Metadata Melange: developing a technical infrastructure for digital collections at Dublin City University Library

Fiona Morley & Marie Cullen (Maynooth University)
From implementation to enhancement – Taking Alma and Summon to the next level

1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch & Sponsor Exhibition,

Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area

Shannon Suite 2 & 3:
Open Access & Digital Scholarship
Fiona Morley
O’Brien & Wogan Suite:
Library services at the heart of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
Chair: Orla Nic Aodha
Harris Suite:
Library support for online and blended learning and research
Chairs: Alan Carbery
Christopher Hollister (University at Buffalo)
Shifting the Scholarly Landscape: The Case Study of a Successful, Independent, Library-Published Journal

Armin Straube (University of Limerick)
Supporting grant applications with tailored training and consultancy about Research Data Management and Open Research

Cillian Joy (NUIG) Arlene Healy (TCD), Eoin Kilfeather (NLI)
Digital Scholarship Network Ireland

Vanessa Buckley (University College Dublin)Period Poverty Initiative in UCD Library

Michaela Hollywood (Maynooth University)
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Informing Library Services at Maynooth University

Elaine Chapman & Sarah-Anne Kennedy (Technological University Dublin)
Are we the heart of inclusion, diversity and equality? Eliminating exclusion by embracing lived experience.

Orna Roche (University College Dublin)
Considering creators, context, and communities: implementing ethical cataloguing guidelines in UCD Digital Library

Lisa Callaghan & Alex Kouker (Dublin City University)
DCU’s Assignment Planner: a tool to support students in planning, researching and writing for assignments

Kathyrn Briggs (Atlantic Technological University, Galway-Mayo)
UDL and Online Library Instruction: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

Evelyn Flanagan (University College Dublin)
Teaching Primary Source Literacy in a blended learning environment

Lindsay Dowling & Melody Chinenyanga (Technological University Dublin)
Building MultiStories: Embedding the TU Dublin library services for inclusive teaching and learning in a diverse curriculum

3:00pm – 3:20pm Poster Exhibitions, Shannon Suite 2 & 3
3:20pm – 3:50pm Sponsor Exhibition / Refreshments, Proudly supported by Bibliu

Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area

3:50pm – 5:15pm PLENARY PRESENTATIONS, Shannon Suite 2 & 3
Chair: Helen Shenton
Ciara McCaffrey (University of Limerick)
Where do we go from here? COVID, digital transformation and the future for Academic Libraries

Sponsor Presentation: Richard Burkitt (EBSCO):
Where’s that license? And where’s that usage data gone? – Perspectives on using TERMS (Techniques in Electronic Resource Management) with FOLIO ERM’

Stuart Hunt (University of Reading)
Sustainability and the Green Library: Strategies for the climate crisis

Sponsor Presentation: Tracey Moore (ProQuest, part of Clarivate)
Digital Course Reserve – supplemental e-textbook access through the academic library

John Cox (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Key External Influences Shaping the Future for Academic Libraries

7:00pm Drinks Reception City View Suite, 6th Floor
8:00pm Dinner Shannon Suite 2 & 3
9:00-9:30am SPONSOR EXHIBITION, Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area
9:30-10:30am Shannon Suite 2 & 3

WELCOME and CONUL Awards: Monica Crump (National University of Ireland, Galway) Chair of the CONUL Conference Committee

KEYNOTE: Dr. Melissa Highton (Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services, University of Edinburgh)
What we learned

Chair:  John McDonough

Shannon Suite 2 & 3:
Developing the library workforce
Chair: Ellen Breen
O’Brien & Wogan Suite:
Innovation in libraries
Chair: Michelle Dalton
Harris Suite:
Planning in changing times
Chair: David Meehan
Jesse Waters (University of Limerick)
Peers prove perfect partners: Student Peer Advisors at the University of Limerick

Peter Reilly (University of Limerick)
Developing Emotionally Intelligent Work Teams

Niall O’Brien (RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences)
Divide and Re-Tool: Curating video instruction to meet future information skills needs

Laura Zaliene and Julia Christopher
Open access for the Earth Sciences, a local read and publish agreement for UCD Library.

Molly Twomey (University College Cork)
‘Informative, but Also Has a Sense of Fun,’ Why We Strategically Use Humour on Our Library Social Media to Inform and Engage

Catherine Ryan (University College Dublin)
Automated reclassification – is it possible? 

Martin O’Connor (University College Cork)
“Music is the spiritual expression of what I am-“… Shush! Sounds from UCC Library does a library twist on Desert Island Discs…

Aoife O’Brien (University College Dublin)
How UCD Library are using curation to improve collections and library spaces

Catherine Cooke & Sarah-Anne Kennedy (Technological University Dublin)
Planning in a Time of Covid: mergers, moves, change management and a pandemic

Christoph Schmidt Supprian (Trinity College Dublin) & Julia Christopher (University College Dublin)
Towards a CONUL Collective Collection

11:30-12:15pm POSTER EXHIBITIONS, Shannon Suite 2 & 3


Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area

Shannon Suite 2 & 3:
Library support for online and blended learning and research
Johanna Archbold
O’Brien & Wogan Suite:
New synergies and transformations for library collections
Chair: Christoph Schmidt-Supprian
Harris Suite:
Open Access & Digital Scholarship
Chair: Ciara McCaffrey
Michelle Breen, Jesse Waters, Louise O’Shea, Peter Reilly & Micheal O hAodha (University of Limerick)
Taking a lead on digital literacy for students; a case study from UL

Matthew Greenhall & Christina Kamposiori (Research Libraries UK)
New Frontiers of Digital Access: The development and delivery of Virtual Reading Rooms and Virtual Teaching Spaces amongst collection-holding institutions

Marta Bustillo (University College Dublin)
The Digital Learning Librarian role at UCD Library: a case study in social interoperability

Ann-Marie Hansen & Joe Nankivell (Trinity College Dublin)
Unlocking the Fagel Collection: From 1802 to 2022 and beyond

Ruth O’Hara (Maynooth University)
Cataloguing the “troubles”

Maria Ryan (National Library of Ireland)
Livin’ In The Future – The National Library of Ireland’s Web Archive

Kristopher Meen, Hardy Schwamm, Cillian Joy, Eileen Kennedy (National University of Ireland, Galway)
OER in the Future Library? NUI Galway Library’s Open Press Pilot Project

Jack Hyland (IReL Maynooth University)
Riding two horses: the successes, the challenges and the future of IReL’s transformative open access agreements

Jenny O’Neill, (University College Dublin)
DMP online at UCD

1:25pm – 2:25pm Lunch & Sponsor Exhibition, Proudly supported by IOP

Shannon Suite 1 & Pre-Function Area

Shannon Suite 2 & 3:
New synergies and transformations for library collections
Chair: Barbara McCormack
O’Brien & Wogan Suite:
Developing the library workforce. Show and Tell
Chair: Sinéad Keogh
David Meehan (Dublin City University)
Digital copyright trends: implications for collections and services

Heather Sherman (BDS)
Streamlining Metadata Supply for ALL

Colm O’Connor (Innopharma Education) ~
‘Establishing the Innopharma Education library’

Andrew Simpson (RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences) & Claire Turner (Figshare)
RCSI Repository: Implementing and integrating a Figshare-powered institutional repository

Sinead Keogh (UL), David Kane (WIT), Assumpta Byrne (TUS Midlands), Ken Lacey (TU Dublin), Liam O’Dwyer (DCU), Jean Murphy (RCSI), Armin Straube (UL)

The (Library) Carpenters – we’ve only just begun
1. An introduction to the LIR and the Library Carpentries
2. The Library Carpentry lessons
3. Using Carpentry lessons as part of library instruction programmes
4. Becoming a Library Carpentry instructor

3:25pm – 4:20pm Shannon Suite 2 & 3:

Announcement of Quiz Winner

Panel Discussion: The Future of Higher Education and Research Libraries Post Pandemic

Chair: Cathal McCauley

Panellists: Chris Bourg, Dr. Melissa Highton, Dr. Patrick Ryan

4:20pm Shannon Suite 2 & 3:

CONFERENCE CLOSE: Monica Crump (NUIG) Chair of the CONUL Conference Committee and Sandra Collins (UCD), Chair of CONUL

1. Making it work: doing a Virtual Work Placement during Covid-19
Michelle Breen UL
2. Introducing the Virtual Study Session
Sarah Kevill University of Strathclyde
3. How UCD Library managed the provision of digital alternatives to print monographs during the height of COVID-19 restrictions
Niamh Fortune UCD
4. Revamping Library Science Education
Susan Van Alstyne Berkeley College US
5. Not so FAST or Not FAST enough: use of FAST headings for digital resources
Justine Bennett UL
6. Applying for the Associateship of the Library Association of Ireland (ALAI)
Edel King & Catherine Ahearne MU
7. Beginning my dream job remotely in a pandemic
Sinead Byrne RCSI
8. Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) at Maynooth University Library
Helen Fallon MU Library
9. My journey to achieving the L2L PACT digital badge
Saoirse de Paor MU Library
10. Live Q&A: Using Instagram Videos to support student learning
Catherine Gallagher & Emmet Keoghan TUS Midlands
11. UCD Library Research Toolkit
Jenny O’Neill, Marta Bustillo, Diarmuid Stokes, Aoife Quinn Hegarty, Vanessa Buckley UCD
12. A SWOT Analysis of Maynooth University Library
Bridie O’Neill MU Library
13. TUS Midlands Laptop on Loan scheme – Library services in a blended learning environment
Niamh O’Brien TUS Midlands