Robot Hunter, or, precisely what I thought I wouldn’t be doing, Joseph Greene

Web robots have become an enormous problem and must be considered when collecting and analysing web usage statistics. This is particularly problematic for institutional repositories, as the major platforms (DSpace and EPrints) have only basic robot detection and filtration capabilities for their native statistics packages. These systems, as well as a DSpace extension, the University of Minho StatisticsAddOn, will be described along with general information about web robots such as definition, usefulness and behaviour. Work is currently being done by COUNTER and IRUS-UK in this area. Their work will be discussed in the context of its applicability in Ireland.
Joseph received an MLIS in 2005 from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He worked in East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries for three years before moving to Ireland and working with the Irish Viritual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA) at University College Dublin. Joseph became UCD’s systems librarian in 2008. He completed a diploma in project management in 2009 and has been responsible for the UCD institutional repository since 2008.