The blog as a showcasing tool – Bernadette Gardiner, Emma Boyce

Presented at the CONUL Conference, July 2015, Athlone, Ireland by Bernadette Gardiner, Emma Boyce, Maynooth University

“In April 2015, Maynooth University Library underwent a third cycle quality review. The Quality Review involves the preparation of an internal self-assessment report (SAR), a peer review report by two internal and two external reviewers and the preparation of a Quality Implementation Plan (QIP).
The Library agreed to be the first university department to undergo a review under the third cycle. This allowed the Library to have significant input into the structure of the self-assessment report (SAR) and to suggest ways to best present evidence of our wide range of activities, outside the standard written report. To achieve this, we produced the Maynooth University Library Quality Review 2015 blog.
The blog serves to complement the Maynooth University Library Quality Review Self-Assessment Report 2015 and aims to give a flavour of the diverse range of activity the library is involved in. It includes some samples from our vast collections and highlights a selection of events and exhibitions held between 2010 – 2015, the time period covered by the review. It showcases Library activity in the areas of student, staff and wider community engagement.
The presenters (Bernadette Gardiner and Emma Boyce) were awarded first and joint second prize in the ANLTC 2014 Blog Competition. They were able to build on that knowledge and experience in developing the blog.
This 10 minute presentation will give an insight into how the Library used the blog to enhance the Quality Review process. The structure of the blog will be outlined and feedback from the internal and external reviewers presented.
It is hoped the presentation will stimulate interest in innovative ways to present library activity and undertakings for peer review and to showcase treasures from unique library collections.